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Success Stories and Testimonials XLR8 Athletix of Detroit MI   - Screen_Shot_2016-04-25_at_1Zachary Petroni / 25 / Public Affairs & Community Relations

April 2016



Qualities of a great athlete:

Since joining CFD Zach has only been moving forward as an athlete. Even with distractions, he still keeps focused and it shows. He has made great strides in improving his power and engine and is constantly suggesting ways to improve the community.


His Favorite Movement: Anything bodyweight!

Zach has been a part of CFD since July of 2015 (9 months now). Before joining the gym he had mostly trained with friends pulling workouts from mainsite ( For the bulk of his life he had been a competitive soccer player. GOAL!! “I am motivated by the limits people place upon me. I am driven by others saying "you can't" to prove that I can—not to them, but to myself.”


To Zach, CrossFit is more than just about being an athlete.

“Crossfit has provided me heightened mental focus, emotional stability, and physical fitness. I have found a group of people who challenge me to be a better me, in all aspects of life. I am a better person inside and out.”


Zach’s proudest achievement:

“Getting a single clean rep at 225# in 16.2 was my proudest Crossfit achievement to date. At the time, my 1 rep max clean was 235#. I missed the rep at 225# three times on my first try at 16.2, so getting that rep on my second try represented not only a physical, but also mental achievement. I am also incredibly proud of my second place overall in CFD for the 2016 Open. This year was my first Open, and I didn't know what to expect. I learned a lot about myself throughout the 5 weeks, particularly my weaknesses, and strive to be a more humble athlete in the future.”


Hobbies and Interest outside of CrossFit:

“Outside of Crossfit, I like to read, do yoga, and explore dive bars across Metro Detroit.”


What’s your advice for new members?

“Listen to your body. If you feel good, push a little bit harder. If you are hurting, tend to yourself and come back stronger.”


Why join Detroit's most recognized CrossFit gym? We've created an amazing community! See what our members are saying:

Awesome Place!

"Awesome place. The trainers are very well versed in overall health and wellness as well as Crossfit programs, keeping your safety and well being at front of mind. The gym and locker rooms are very clean, and the actual facility has super new equipment. The team and community atmosphere along with the vision the owners and trainers share is really what makes this place shine. I highly recommend!" Scott S


"Legit. Went in today for my first time at 7:30 pm I met the manager and one of the coaches. I really just went in to check the place out, I needed a new box because mine is out of the way now. I ended up staying for a workout which was awesome. After a quick warm-up I learned how to do a kipping pull up. I could do them strict but never was able to kip before, not even one. I have had people try and teach me in the past with no luck. After maybe 15 minutes from the time I walked n the door Lindsaya taught me how to do something that I have been trying to figure out for 4 months. I can' wait to go back. " Anis S.

Simply Amazing!

"I've been to Crossfit in the D several times... simply put, the facility is absolutely amazing and completely state of the art and their staff are equally awesome... are all well trained, very knowledgable and top notch as well... in every way and in every sense of the word... this place must be seen to be believed!!! Stop by and pay these guys a visit asap... give it a try... promise you won't be disappointed!!! This place is simply amazing!!!" Kris D.

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