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Are you looking for a competitive fitness experience in the Southfield area? CrossFit in the D provides a range of services including personal training, various strength and conditioning programs like olympic lifting, event conditioning, boot camp sessions, and of course CrossFit - The Sport of Fitness. Our workouts are designed to give you the most efficient use of class time and include cardio, strength, and endurance.

CrossFit in the D of XLR8 Athletix is committed to providing the coaching and resources you need to become the strongest, fastest, and healthiest you've ever been. Our life-changing programs will challenge you in every area and push your boundaries as you rise to meet new challenges and accomplish what you might have once thought impossible.

Built on the solid foundation achieved by the popular CrossFit workouts and incorporating many similar elements into our programs, we will help you jump to your next fitness level in record time with innovative, high-intensity endurance training programs.

CrossFit Classes Southfield MI - CrossFit Gym in Detroit | CrossFit In The D - lunch130 Minute Midday Classes - Perfect For Lunch

You will see an array of mid-day classes and supervised Open-Gym times throughout the week. We plan to pilot a 30-minute high-intensity interval class designed to kick your butt for 30 minutes, leaving you enough time to get showered and back to work before anyone even notices you were gone.

Open-Gym times will be available for those athletes doing our programming, preparing for competitions and doing extra strength/skill work. There will be more to come on these topics over the next several weeks so check back for more information!

CrossFit Classes in the Southfield Area - Create a More Powerful You!

CrossFit Classes Southfield

Forget your boring, routine workout and embrace your inner athlete. CrossFit is often referred to as the "sport of fitness" and if you love playing games and challenging yourself, then CrossFit is for you!

We help you set realistic goals, and determine what program will help you reach your goals without burning you out. Our proven system sets you up for success, helps keep you engaged, so you can focus on the results. No distractions, no hard sales -- just hard bodies.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special ops units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide. It is an evidence-based fitness program for all fitness levels. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

What should I expect from CrossFit?

The Xl8 CrossFit classes in Detroit are high-energy classes taught by certified CrossFit trainers. Workouts are written on a whiteboard where students keep accurate scores and records of their workout. Every class includes standards for performance and a running clock. We use the same routines for all members, regardless of their fitness or skill level. CrossFit routines are designed to scale individual loads and intensity based on fitness level. So everyone completes the same routine, just at different speeds, weights, and intensity.

That doesn't mean you can coast through class. Our CrossFit program provides a supportive community where members push each other to excel, motivate each other when it gets tough, and sometimes inspires a little healthy competition between classmates. Our members leave class exhilarated, satisfied, and pumped for the next class!

Will CrossFit improve my PR?

Strength and Conditioning Classes Southfield

CrossFit classes are the number one sports conditioning program for athletes across all sports, because it incorporates strength training and flexibility into their fitness routine. It combines movements from gymnastics, weightlifting, rowing, and more - with the goal of moving the largest loads the longest distances. CrossFit will absolutely improve your PR.

By varying your training and doing more work in less time, you get a more intense workout across all muscle groups, thereby creating a more powerful core, and a more powerful you. CrossFit classes are ideal for endurance event training, GORUCK training, marathon training, and more!

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